Thoughts from the trip so far.

My route yesterday took me through a bit of Appalachia and a clearly impoverished part. I saw multiple classic small town main streets where there were few if any stores still in business (it was hard to tell for several.) I passed two stores that had Heilig Meyers signs; a furniture store chain that collapsed fifteen years ago. One had some sort of business while the other had been boarded-up for years.

One good detour deserves another.

Going to Ashland, Kentucky, meant the next city en route was Indianapolis, and the usual next would be Chicago…

…except when miles of I-65 are closed and they detour you on I-74.

I’m getting dinner in Normal, Illinois, at a delightful restaurant that I remember from when I was here business three years ago,  and then will be heading up I-39 to Madison, Wisconsin.


Day one

Not a lot to say about the first day on the road. My plan was to get to Dayton, Ohio, but I had to divert westward to get behind a squall line that included some potentially severe thunderstorms. Stop poured for the night in Ashland, Kentucky.


Don’t touch that dial!

A note about the future of this blog.

The post for the last day of the trip is in the queue, and some photo posts are coming up.

The blog isn’t done, though, as we’ll still have more bike adventures; there will probably be a trip out to Denton, NC, next month, and various other small ones.

We’re talking about additional trips, such as to the PNW, in coming years, plus some much more tentative plans further out.