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Cortech GX-AIR

After my minor wreck on The Snake on Labor Day I needed a new jacket and fast. My local dealer had some but this was the best option that for me.
If you have read my review of the Fieldsheer I had before this jacket is mostly the same. The zipper pulls appear more robust and it lacks the full perimeter zippers of both liners plus the external cuff zippers for the rain liner. Instead it used the snap tabs that go through elastic loops (two at each cuff and two on opposite sides at the waist.) At the collar there are three sets of mating snap tabs, no loops.

My only real dislike is that the insulated liner is a vest rather than full length. This isn’t an issue for most riders but I sure felt it this morning commuting in 28F/-2C.

Sena 20S: I wanted to like it.

Like the SMH10 but with one serious flaw for me: easy inadvertent volume changes.

I went to the mountains of North Carolina for Labor Day Weekend and the ride out included riding through three bands of downpours, the remnants of Hurricane Harvey. On that I found the limits of the weatherproof ability of my SMH10. It wasn’t in spectacular fashion, rather it refused to accept a charge and smelled faintly of the magic smoke plus when I shook it a bit some drops of water came from somewhere inside. I’d already been contemplating replacing it because the battery life was growing short…

I went to the BMW Motorrad dealer in Asheville because they were listed as a dealer of both Cardo and Sena. I was more interested in a Cardo model but they only had Send in stock. Wanting one for the trip I decided to go for it.

The mount is slightly redesigned, which I like. The thing that looks like a thumb tack below the jog wheel is the release; the electronics unit now slides on from the top and has a positive lock. I like this because the plastic spring clip on my SMH10 had fatigued a bit and no longer solidly held all the time. There’s is now a second LED to indicate the charging status, located next to the micro USB socket.

The mount has two other additions: a button on the bottom called Ambient (I haven’t used that yet) and a jack on the front for your preferred earbuds.

The redesigned jog wheel requires a lighter touch. However, if you are one of the people for whom a jacket that fits elsewhere means it is a bit loose in the shoulders you may hit my problem: the jacket can easily rub against the jog wheel and change the volume unexpectedly. I find it happens almost every time I turn my head and cam happen even with slight movements at highway speeds. Tonight, on an in town ride of 7 miles it did so at least a dozen times. If it tries to increase the volume but it’s already at max the result is a rather piercing dual tone from the speakers.

Due to that I’m likely to save up for a Cardo and sell the 20S.

Back to riding

Well, I have been. Angela and I split late last year. We are, as much as possible, keeping things amicable. The R1100R is my only motor vehicle now. I moved downtown and am less than 10 miles from work.

Finally got out today (Sunday) to do a group ride with some friends. The weather here was simply gorgeous.

This photo is from a few weeks ago, on another nice day, at the region biker breakfast meetup.

Blue Ridge trip

In July we took a vacation to Floyd, Virginia, and Little Switzerland, North Carolina. Not a lot to say about it but it was a needed break.

This guy was hanging out in Floyd.

Mabry Mill

At one point I picked up a hitchhiker – a butterfly got stuck against my brake control. Surprisingly it was fine and fluttered away after an hour of being stuck there while I rode.

 While waiting out a rain storm along the Blue Ridge Parkway
The view from our hotel in Little Switzerland.