Monthly Archives: August 2015

Catching up.

The conference in Minneapolis was fantastic. Travel on Monday and Tuesday was less so; it was cold and even with all of my gear the cold got the better of me.

I did get to Milwaukee and…when in Rome…


After that it was a slight backtrack to a yarn and fiber shop in Evansville, Wisconsin, and then off to Chicago.


Thoughts from the trip so far.

My route yesterday took me through a bit of Appalachia and a clearly impoverished part. I saw multiple classic small town main streets where there were few if any stores still in business (it was hard to tell for several.) I passed two stores that had Heilig Meyers signs; a furniture store chain that collapsed fifteen years ago. One had some sort of business while the other had been boarded-up for years.

One good detour deserves another.

Going to Ashland, Kentucky, meant the next city en route was Indianapolis, and the usual next would be Chicago…

…except when miles of I-65 are closed and they detour you on I-74.

I’m getting dinner in Normal, Illinois, at a delightful restaurant that I remember from when I was here business three years ago,  and then will be heading up I-39 to Madison, Wisconsin.


Day one

Not a lot to say about the first day on the road. My plan was to get to Dayton, Ohio, but I had to divert westward to get behind a squall line that included some potentially severe thunderstorms. Stop poured for the night in Ashland, Kentucky.