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More Texas and a route change

We made it to Fort Stockton, TX two days ago. At that point I couldn’t ride anymore. I spent yesterday in bed trying to kick whatever bug I have.

We later figured out that I am apparently allergic to the desert. Danielle had suggested that I try my inhaler along with my meds last night. It didn’t seem to do anything last night but it sure did this morning. Enough that I actually felt up to riding. It did force a route change. We need to head north to get out of the desert. So the Carlsbad caverns and Grand Canyon are back on the route. Unfortunately it means missing our friend Abby in Tuscan 🙁 Made it to Pecos and I’m doing well considering. We’re having lunch on the way to Carlsbad.

Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas

It’s been a busy and tiring few days. We’ve travelled through a few states in that time. Arkansas is bumpy. That’s really all I can say of the state. Oklahoma has some nice roads and nice scenery. It’s a pretty state. We met up with our friend Allison who is awesome 🙂

Somewhere along the way I picked up a bug and have been battling fatigue and a sore throat. I did did find that ibuprofen works wonderfully on sore throats.

We headed to Plano and Dallas TX after Oklahoma. Where we met up with the awesome Ashley and Jenni. I finally got to go to a yarn shop, Yarn & Stitches in Dallas. I got some lovely yarn 🙂

From Dallas we headed to Houston to meet with Ruth, who very kindly let us stay with her. We went to an awesome Indian restaurant where we order quickly before the kitchen closed. I don’t think I have ever ordered dinner so quickly before 🙂 The food was incredible though. Afterwards, Ruth gave us a quick tour of Houston. We ended the evening chatting. 🙂

Our next stop was Austin. On the way, we stopped in La Grange, yes the one in the ZZ Top song. It’s a quaint little town. We took a break in a little coffee shop called Latte on the Square. The town has a Square around the courthouse with various shops. Half of this post was written while I sat on a bench in the shade outside the courthouse 🙂 Danielle was being a shutterbug and took lots of pictures.

I’m now in a hotel in Austin, TX resting up for tomorrow. I had to miss meeting with Kim and Rose due to my sore throat and fatigue. 🙁 Danielle and I had dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel. It was nice, if a bit loud. The band was pretty good. I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can go to some other yarn shops tomorrow before we head west.

Dallas and Houston.

Making a quick update while getting lunch in Houston before hitting the road to Austin.

We visited another friend in Dallas plus a yarn stores (and tried The Woolie Ewe, which looked clearly out of business) then headed to Houston, dodging rain along the way, to visit a very dear friend who proved to be even more lovely in person! Dallas did find me needing to use the tools shown below; it makes fueling a motorcycle from a pump equipped with a fume recovery “elephant trunk” hose over the nozzle (the nozzle has a metal collar a few inches up and tool issue that to hold the hose back.)


We’re now and a local BBC joint named Blakes which is simply fantastic.

You don’t see many Rambler Ambassadors around anymore.



Today was riding to Dallas, Texas, and meeting with a friend. Angela wanted to visit some yarn stores but they were closed. A badly needed day of less riding, even if it saw our first use of our rain gear.

On an equipment note, this little gadget has been great for ensuring my mobile stays charged.


It’s a USB charger that connects to an SAE terminal like used by the pigtail for a Battery Tender. The right-hand end has the port under a tethered rubber dust cap. Since the helmet lock is nearby on the ZR-7s I run it through that to keep it secure while riding. I keep my mobile in my tank bag, which has a cord-blood pass-through port.


Met a friend in Tulsa and had a wonderful afternoon. I truly wish we could have stayed longer (another time!)

We took a bit of a road less traveled to McAlester, OK, staying east to avoid storms. There was a tense moment on OK RT 72 just north of Council Hill while clocking 55 in a 65 zone (it was night) and I saw a deer (a buck in velvet) approaching from the right shoulder. I screamed “DEER!!” into the headset mic so Angela could have extra warning (she was following me) and I swerved into the empty oncoming lane. I’ll be happy to never repeat that experience!

On to Dallas tomorrow.


Like bugs on a faceshield…

…so are the days of our lives.

Awesome moment of the day: having stopped for a respite in Forrest City, AR, just parked and removing our gear, a young couple with two girls, likely under age five, we’re walking past. The younger of the two exclaimed, “I didn’t know girls rode motorcycles!” And now she does!

Today was from Nashville, Tennessee, to Clarksville, Arkansas, a trip of about 450 miles. We stopped for lunch in Memphis and planned to do dinner at the River Market in Little Rock, but didn’t realize that they were holding RiverFest. After several strikeouts in the Little Rock area and noticing some ominous clouds to the southwest we decided to push on to our destination and do whatever food we could find in town.

After that and checking in, I took the R1100R and the trailer to a nearby store to get some supplies. I noticed a strange feedback from the trailer on my way. When I got there I checked and found that the hitch ball was loose. I did pack tools, including a ratchet and socket the right size, so I was able to repair the problem on the spot. I also noticed a problem with the safety chains as attached, which I will correct before we get underway in the morning.

I didn’t recognize the model, but it sounded great.


This occasioned the remark in the title of this post.


Nashville, TN

After getting on the road Angela told me that she had a song stuck in her mind. I asked what and she sang a verse of “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain.” I began laughing because I was thinking of that song yesterday.

Later, we needed a break and, with no rest areas in sight, we stopped at a gas station in Crab Orchard, TN. As we turned onto the exit ramp I said, “watch, there will be signs for the next rest area over that rise” which was most of a mile past the exit. While stopped I looked up the next rest area and discovered that I was right: the next rest area was two miles away.

We had dinner with friends in downtown Nashville tonight and have stopped for the night west of the city.

We saw two rather spectacular accident scenes, both involving cars and mud – an SUV sideways in the median, and a Bug against the guardrail.

Sights – a rest area on I-40 that serves both directions (and it was not in the median.)